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're raining by 8:00 p.m. there is a lot of rain in texas that will race quickly off to the northeast. the fog issues down south. down the river here fort belvoir, quantico, fredericksburg, stafford up toward culpepper. many areas at a quarter mile or less. over to the tappahannock airport is where we're seeing the fog. the rest of us have some clouds and breaks and some cool temperatures west in the low 40s. 39 in manassas. gaithersburg, 47. 54 in tappahannock. in d.c., we're at 49 degrees right now with light winds. pretty comfortable. dew point at 44. texas storm developing quickly. look how fast the rains in the last 12 hours have really expanded. now, the energy responsible for tornado watch, across parts of louisiana and in ispy until 1:00. not out of the question with the rains tonight we may get a couple of rumbles of thunder to mix in as temperatures tonight will dip into the 40s and tomorrow only recover to the 50s but the rain, the clouds by noon. the rain after dark tonight will be heavy at times. here is a look at the next three days. 61 today. rain tonight. gets out of here proba
of an alleged incident in texas, women around the country took to the retail giant's locations to breast- feed in plain sight in what was dubbed nurse-in. >> are you going nurse for mommy in. >> last month, michelle hickman said she was nursing her 5- month-old at a target outside houston. she was in a remote area and using a blanket for cover but employees told her to move to a fitting room. weeks later, she was among the mothers protesting. >> it is about women everywhere, all over the world that this is having an effect upon on a daily basis. >> displays by what they heard, women showed solidarity with the 35-year-old by holding nurse-ins in other cities. >> it is not about my convenience. it is about his health and comfort. >> responding to the incident, target spokespeople say patrons are welcome to breast-feed in public areas. >> target is a family-oriented company. so, if a guest chooses to breast-feed in our store, target supports it 100%. >> the minneapolis-based chain apologized over the incident in texas and said they have spoken with hickman. i'm annette sosa for 9news now. >> we'
. as a matter of fact we're teaming with them now to help a disabled veteran in texas. so they help us identify contractors all over the nation. >> now, bernard this is a great thank you for the work that you're done for our country. how did you find yourself the recipient of this help? >> could you repeat that last part please? >> sure, absolutely, how did you find yourself receiving this help? how were you chosen? >> i'll step in for bernie. it's hard to hear. the american legion post 130 here in falls church has been critical for us to find all of the veterans. so harry, the post commander there identifies veterans for us each christmas and bernie was one of them this year. >> jeff and bernard, thank you very much, jeff, a very merry christmas for bernard. he could have a job if the beard were longer and whiter. one of santa's helpers. >> he's really happy and we have two other houses down the street here that we'll be decorating tomorrow. thank you. thank you. >> you're welcome and merry christmas to you both. >> you too. thank you. >> what a great story. and i love bernard. the chuckle. he
the northwest the agree, that cold would get here a lot more quickly. there is a lot of snow in west texas and oklahoma. look at the heavy rains. dallas to little rock, moving toward the tennessee valley. this is all going to be moving toward us tonight and tomorrow. but right now at least, we are on the mild side of things. that will be today tonight and tomorrow before the cold air works its way toward us. overnight showers move in. steadier rain midday. wednesday night another wave coming this way. cold north and west wednesday night. 61 today. tomorrow many periods of rain. 60. 50 on wednesday. thursday cool and downright cold on saturday. highs staying in the 30s. >> reporter: if you are planning to led out the door right now i have a couple of incidents to tell you about in virginia. first with the beltway. overall things look fine. down south to i-95 there is an accident right at the prince william question. -- parkway. traffic is getting by, but expect delays now forming because of that accident in woodbridge. a little further north live, once you are beyond that, you have that nor
conditions developing from new mexico, west texas, kansas, a tremendous storm for them. this is ayla nina winner so that storm is going to track off to the north and west of us. more immediately a front up to our north and west that is going to slide through. showers into ohio and northwestern pennsylvania. this front gets closer to us tonight. now tomorrow, overnight tonight and tuesday with the front in the neighborhood, there will be a few showers and maybe a hint of snow. north of pittsburgh between cleveland and columbus, let's say, we go into the day tomorrow at noon. afternoon hours evening hours, mostly cloudy skies. quieter. as we head into wednesday, here comes the system coming out of the southwest. that moves toward us. we are going to turn wet wednesday and rather mild. temperatures could push the 60-degree mark in many areas. 51 today. 4 to 50 tomorrow. won't be as mild. wednesday a very mild day, wet as well. temperatures in the upper 50s. probably breezy too. friday another chance of rain in the morning. if it works out, it really could end in a little bit of wet snow. but
. look at the national satellite and radar. in the southwest, jet stream coming across mexico and texas. oklahoma up to missouri. out through california, into arizona and new mexico and colorado, utah, rain and then mountain snows, some of this has been on the hefty side. when it is storming in the southwest, you've got a ridge in the southeast. that means pretty quiet around here. temperatures at or above normal. this is a pattern that is not conducive for snow around here. it is just too warm and the storms generally track toward the great lakes. high pressure, well, this morning, it is in ohio. it will be with us today. no problems as this is going to protect us for the clouds and the moisture out west. then the next storm system is going to head up toward the great lakes. maybe bringing us some rain around here by late thursday in the form of showers and possibly friday night, might be cold enough for just some wet snow to mix in. 50 degrees today. not much. precip amounts look light. tonight, we'll be back in the 20s and 30s. 52 tomorrow. by thursday, mid to maybe upper 50s with a
sent in the 10,000 needed to get on the ballot. the g.o.p. says he didn't. texas governor rick perry failed to make the virginia ballot. virginia will hold its primary on super tuesday which is march 6th. >>> police in richmond want to find a killer and a kidnapper. they say he first murdered two people on christmas eve and then stole a car with a 2-year- old boy inside. the child was found ok and is with relatives now. edward lee obamaer jr. and robin cheryl class were killed. police are looking for the man they say killed them. 27-year-old jamal lewis clemens. they say after the murders, clemens stole the car not knowing the 2-year-old boy was in the backseat which set off an amber alert. the boy was found and given back to his mom. >>> ok. 6:34. we're watching your money. a lot of us will be spending it shopping today. whether it is bringing something back or look for the deals after christmas, or picking up a gift santa didn't bring to your house, jessica doyle is live with the post- christmas shopping rush. >> good morning, jess. >> good morning, mike. the scene lined me, sepho
group, texas congressman ron paul has a slight lead over romney and gingrich. others such as rick perry, rick santorum and michele bachmann aren't counting themselves out and continue to barnstorm across the state. i'm greg black for 9news now. >>> republican candidate rick perry is challenging the commonwealth of virginia. he was left off the primary ballot there. the state party says he failed to submit the so,000 signatures need -- the 10,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot. his lawsuit claims virginia's rules are too strict. only mitt romney and ron paul qualified for the march 6th primary. >> when we said woodrow wilson, we think of one thing, the beltway bridge with his name. we've all gone over it. today marks the 155th anniversary of his birth and the 50th anniversary of the opening of the original wilson bridge. there will be a wreath laying ceremony at washington national cathedral. wilson is the only president buried inside of a church and the only one buried in the district. if you would like to take a road trip, you can also honor our 28th president by visiting his
in houston. look at all of the 20s and low 30s. this rain is coming up from texas through income kentucky up toward new england where it turns into snow in maine. it is just not a lot of cold air to work with. as has been the case the last several weeks, the storms continue to bring us chance for rain and that will be the case around here for the afternoon. front pushes through late tonight, early tomorrow. we'll cool down tomorrow. then another little wave comes friday night, saturday. maybe a little rain or even wet snow possible well south of d.c. 58 today. in town, some areas south of the low 60s. breezy. tonight we're dropping into the 40s. only recovering to about 50 tomorrow. friday night, chance of showers or even wet snow south of town. saturday though, it won't be much. saturday morning. saturday and sunday, chilly. partly to mostly sunny. temperatures then in the 40s. another chance of rain late tuesday into wednesday. i turn it over to monika samtani. she's got a list of incidents to report to you. >> definitely. especially on the southern maryland side and in anne arundel county
! after dumping snow and ice in new mexico and texas, an early winter storm now heads east, promising heavy rain and several inches of snow. we will check the forecast. >>> president obama goes to red state kansas to lash out at republican economics saying it's putting the middle class at risk. we will have more on the president's populous message. >>> new polls showing newt gingrich picking up more support beating mitt romney and we will take a closer look at the gop presidential race. >>> alec baldwin booted off a plane for is not shutting off his smart phone. he said he couldn't stop playing
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10